Saturday, 22 March 2014

Cherry Butt-bump

For reasons unknown my girlfriend is currently animating an apple pooping pips. That has inspired me to animate a cherry butt-bump. A fine excuse to practice with flash. 


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Last Month.

So, I actually had some paid work last month... (paid internship to be 100% honest) but it's still nice to be on a payroll once in a while instead of accepting chunks of money and managing projects on my own.

I thought I'd throw up some examples of work from my experience at Stick Sports (they make phone/tablet based sports games).  Fair warning most it it will look like a bunch of banner ads clogging up the page...

Some of the better ones were animated flash banners, but I can't get them up here. So meh!

Site Takeover

An example of some work taking a direct snipe at the competition... they didn't use it. 

Got to redraw some of the existing assets, with some slight tweaks. 

I have some more odds and ends from this I may put up later... really feel like I have to be getting properly busy now.